About Us

  • Since it was established in 1989, Elkopol has operated in the field of trade and production of culinary meat. For over 20 years, the products labelled with the HQM name have been distributed to the customers of the HORECA market throughout Poland. The chefs of the best restaurants value us, especially for the prompt deliveries and the high quality of our products.
  • Our specialty is beef. As a member of an American industry organization American Beef Club we were the first Polish company importing meat from the US. It was the US market that we get inspiration and expert knowledge from. Next, we expanded our range of products by importing beef from Argentina, Uruguay, Australia and Brazil. In cooperation with organizations of science from all over the world we took part in a project of creating the Polish Quality Meat Program. Thanks to that we are already able to produce and sell beef, which quality meets highest international standards of tenderness, juiciness and taste.
  • We offer a wide range of culinary meat, such as: veal, lamb, mutton or exotic meat. We buy meat from trusted high quality meat producers from all over the world.

Our mission is to deliver the best culinary products to the HORECA  markets and retailers. We set our business aim at building our success on values such as thoroughness, knowledge, professionalism and friendliness in relationships with the employees, Customers and Business Partners.

Our vision is to expand the culinary meat sector, with a special focus on beef. We do our best to popularise the high quality certified Polish beef in Poland and Europe.

High Quality Meat Brand

For many years we have been making an effort that our brand always offers meat of the best world quality and represents the highest standard of customer service. We base our brand strategy  on the motto "HQM – we chose the quality".

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To keep abreast of new trends, get through to the best suppliers and high quality products, we cooperate both with Polish and foreign sector organizations, research institutes and meat producers. We recommend following websites: