• At the beginning our company's activity included livestock purchasing, animal slaughtering and meat processing (in our own plants). We also sold our company’s products in our own chain of butcher shops in Płońsk and Warsaw. We have also been engaged in both the import and export of culinary meat for the supply market.
  • Over time Elkopol has changed its development direction into supplying high quality culinary meat and Elkopol was actually the first company in Poland to start importing high quality beef. Prior to this the company was invited by the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw to take part in two training trips to the USA. The aim of these trips was to examine the whole range of issues related to beef quality. For the first time we learnt about the whole process of meat production, from livestock production through to animal slaughtering and also distribution to supermarkets and to the HORECA market.
  • As a result of our connection with the most recognized American organizations striving for the promotion of American high quality beef (such as USMEF and the Texas Beef Council), we gained extensive experience in meat promotion and learnt how to educate customers regarding the value of culinary beef taste. These American organizations commissioned our company to organize and lead a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the sale of culinary beef. The promotional activities included courses, seminars, meetings and presentations as well as addressing the owners and managers of restaurants, chefs, waiters and private customers. These activities included several training trips to the USA with the participation of Polish chefs. One of these trips organized by our company was intended exclusively for supermarkets' meat purchasing managers. As an interesting promotional activity we also arrange ‘cook-offs’.
  • Our involvement with trade media has resulted in a number of interesting educational publications which aim to inform the customers about the quality of beef, its classification, culinary appliances, positive impact on our health, traditional and modern ways of serving meat and other useful culinary techniques.
  • In recognition of our effectiveness the U.S. Meat Export Federation awarded us the title of ‘Licensed ABC Distributor of the Year 2000’. The title is given to only one distributor of American beef every year.
  • The experience we have gained by liaising with these American organizations encouraged us to take other actions related to culinary beef promotion. As a result we have established connections with associations such as MLA Australia and Meat New Zealand. We have added to our collection meat from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Scotland, Ireland as well as other Countries. We have also introduced new products such as lamb and exotic meats.
  • We gained invaluable knowledge relating to the functioning of the HORECA market in the European Union during our previous study and training tours to Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Greece, Spain, Germany and Italy.
  • The next step in the company's development was establishing a relationship with the Polish Beef Association (Polskie Zrzeszenie Producentów Bydła Mięsnego). The beef producers were constantly reminded what the expectations and needs of the culinary beef customers were which resulted in the creation of the ‘Quality Meat Program’ by the Polish Beef Association. In 2008 the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development acknowledged the Quality Meat Program as an official national food quality system. Elkopol has been granted a QMP certificate in culinary beef production.
  • Since 2007 the company has an ecological meat producer status.